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Symbol of Trustworthy Edge Computing

Corporate Profile


Meet FiduciaEdge

Edge computing is transforming the way data is being handled, processed, and delivered from millions of devices around the world. Based on the vigorous development of the edge computing market and applications, FiduciaEdge committed to providing a trusted edge computing platform designed for edge computing nodes.

Our first product is developed based on the NVidia Jetson hardware platform, it provides edge computing nodes with the latest Trusted Rich Execution Environment (T-REE) function, allowing data, AI algorithms, and applications to be processed on edge computing nodes and protect the security of the entire process and the privacy of the original data. It not only protects the computing process from malicious hackers, but also establishes a trust relationship between data owners and data users, lead to the acceleration of the AIoT industry development.

Corporate Value and

The company’s management team members are all high-level managers from large international companies including Bell Labs, BBN, HP, Foxconn, KPMG, NVIDIA, etc. They are sensitive to the market, have a forward-looking vision of technology, industry appeal, and financial systems. And the planning of corporate governance have rich and excellent practical experience. Extensive industrial process experience takes into account the efficiency and quality of product development.

The service experience of international multinational companies is linked with abundant industrial resources and business expansion opportunities Strong profit management thinking drives the establishment of system, resource allocation and output management

Companies will seek opportunities to take advantage of the emerging digital economy to transform themselves from solution providers to service providers. In the future AIoT applications of the smart Internet of Things, the data will be owned by the producer, and the analysis will be carried out under use control through authorization. In addition, users must purchase source codes and models developed by third-party suppliers before they can be used for data analysis. These transactions will be based on the Function as a Service (FaaS) and Trusted Model-as-a-Service (tMaaS) and other models.

Company Culture

1. Flat organization, everyone's voice is important.
2. We are a young, energetic, and respectful team that strives for efficiency and trust.
3. The communication is direct and transparent, and the supervisors are very easy-going.


Symbol of Trustworthy Edge Computing

Become a distributor or agent of our company's products and services

Acting or investing in FiduciaEdge can provide investors with technical supplements for existing products. For example, Nvidia and Digital Unlimited are our long-term cooperation units. We believe that combining your company’s existing products and services will help domestic and Overseas customers provide more comprehensive integrated solutions and create more favorable competitive conditions.

Joint product development

FiduciaEdge will currently cooperate with TWCA and InfinitiesSoft to develop a trusted computing and information center platform for embedded edge devices. The first customer application is expected to be the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau, Ministry of Science and Technology. With the support of investors, we believe that there will be more flexible choices and technological advantages in future joint development and specification selection.

Joint proposal to apply to the government for the demonstration project

FiduciaEdge and Taiwan Network Certification Co., Ltd. (TWCA) have applied to the Ministry of Economic Affairs for a two-year TIIP project of 60 million Taiwan Dollars. The subject of the plan is the "5G AIoT Equipment Certification Standard". It is expected to cooperate with TWCA Promote a verification standard mechanism for IoT hardware equipment, which is expected to become a domestic industry standard in two years. At the same time, Chairman John Zao will formulate this standard in the IEEE as an international standard (tentatively IEEE 1936); in addition, a domestic standard will be established. The first IoT Notary Operation Center, which sets industry standards for domestic edge computing and AIoT-related applications and also provides verification services.


Expected industrial benefits:

FiduciaEdge will firstly launch a reliable computing environment for edge computing nodes in the world. Its practical range is quite wide: every roadside computing processor application, such as smart street lights, roadside computing units for smart transportation, etc., have additional practical applications. Only the actual smart transportation system (ITS) is expected. The global market for related products is expected to be about with an opportunity scale of 15 billion Taiwan dollars, our company first planned with a 10% global market share target and also planned with an annual revenue target of 1.5 billion Taiwan dollars, and promoted the company's development with a 100% annual growth rate. It is expected to reach revenue of 3 billion Taiwan Dollars in 2023. Afterwards, it will conduct A round of fund-raising and consider promoting strategic mergers and acquisitions. It is expected that it will reach 1.5 billion Taiwan Dollars in annual revenue by 2025. , We will also actively participate or even become a BU to participate, hoping to achieve the greatest synergy for the growth of the company's value.

Social benefits:

We believe that the security protection of data and the right control of multi-layer privacy are important issues with the rapid development of smart computing in the future, and our products can effectively protect the computing environment. It is important that we have the right to use data , the computing node directly at the edge will do effective protection and allow de-identification processing to ensure that the privacy of personal data is protected.

Management Team

    Hank Huang
    FOUNDER / Chief Advisor
    Managing Director:IAPS (Accelerator), Handle >100 startups per year Professor:NCTU EE&TM Institute Chairman:AAN, AABI, CBIA, FCA Founder:Dafanet LLP (USA)
      John Zao
      Chairman:IEEE 1934 & 1935 Std. WG
      Founder & CTO:NGoggle, USA & CerebraTek, TW
      Professor:NCTU CS
      CTO:Edge Computing & FCA Lab
        Andy Lai
        General manager:HP (Hewlett-Packard), TLDC, Compaq
        Executive director:Taipei Smart City & IoT Association
        Convener:TIOTA, TCA(Taipei Computing Association)CIoT dept.
        Vice President:DEC marketing dept.
          Eric Liang
          Sr. Assistant VP:FOXCONN Director:FOXCONN Assistant Manager:ITRI
            Celia Wu
            Partner:KPMG TW
            Head of Social Enterprise Service
            Team:KPMG TW
              Tommy Wang
              Product Manager
              Section Manager:AMBIT