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Announcement of VHub Trusted Edge AI Systems

From Left to Right: Thomas Su (Vice President, Vecow), Rebecca Fan-Chiang (Sales Account Manager, Vecow), John Zao (Founder & CTO, FiduciaEdge Technologies), Drew Vogt and Jimmy (both are Dealers, Rugged Science) / Photo: FiduciaEdge Technologies

FiduciaEdge Technologies unveils its latest Edge AI security solution VHub Trusted Edge AI Systems with our strategic partner Vecow (a subsidiary of Ennoconn Group) at the ISC West 2023 Expo in Las Vegas during March 28 to March 31. Sponsored by the Security Industry Association (SIA), ISC West is the world's largest trade show in security products and solutions.

Bundled with Vecow EAC-5000/EAC-3000/EAC-2000 industrial-grade computers, VHub Trusted Edge AI Systems / Photo: FiduciaEdge Technologies

Bundled with Vecow EAC-5000/EAC-3000/EAC-2000 industrial-grade computers, VHub Trusted Edge AI Systems is a trustworthy Edge AI turnkey solution that can run Cloud Native AI applications on Nvidia Jetson series with edge-to-cloud AI model confidentiality and user data privacy protection. With the use of FiduciaEdge core technology Trusted Rich Execution Environments (T-REE) for Heterogeneous Computing and K3s lightweight Kubernetes orchestrator, our solution runs containerized applications in their own system-level isolated environments to prevent information leakage and security breaches. VHub also uses sealed disk storage to protect all programs and data maintained on the node and employs Zero-Trust secure networking to protect confidentiality and integrity of all information interchanges over the Internet. The secure boot of VHub system software and the measured boot of its middleware ensures system reliability and security. Its full CNCF compliance enables VHub to run all AI applications available in NVidia NGC and TAO catalogs.

Key Features:
 Edge-to-Cloud AI model protection: protect confidentiality and integrity of AI programs and models in transit, in storage and in use.
 System-level information isolation among Trusted Rich Execution Environments: protect user data privacy and computing security on the Edge.
 Capability-based access control: enforce fine-grain access control on information inter¬changes among T-REEs.
 Secure system boot and measured middleware boot: ensure system security and defend against malicious attacks.
 Fully Cloud Native Computing (CNCF) Compliance: seamlessly integrate with public and private container registries including NVidia NGC and TAO repositories.

Photo: FiduciaEdge Technologies

About Vecow
Vecow is a team of global embedded experts and we aim to be your trusted embedded business partner. Vecow is committed to designing, developing, producing, and supplying high quality AIoT solutions with trusted reliability, advanced technology, and innovative concepts. Our products include: AI-ready Inference Systems, AI Computing Systems, Fanless Embedded Systems, Vehicle Computing Systems, Robust Computing Systems, Single Board Computers, Multi-Touch Computers/Displays, Frame Grabbers, Embedded Peripherals and Design & Manufacturing Services for Machine Vision, Autonomous Car, Robotic Control, Rolling Stock, Public Security, Traffic Vision, Smart Automation, Deep Learning, and any Edge AI applications.

About FiduciaEdge
FiduciaEdge Technologies is a software solutions provider in trusted and confidential cloud-native Edge Computing. Its patent-pending Trusted Rich Execution Environments (T-REE) for Heterogeneous Computing Platforms provides system-level information isolation among processes running on CPU/GPU/NPU/FPGA. Currently, FiduciaEdge is working with Ennoconn and its subsidiary Vecow to provide integrated trusted Edge Computing systems. It also works with DeKRA and Taiwan Certification Authority (TWCA) to provide verification and notarization services of Edge system software and containerized applications. Together, the conglomerate aims at providing complete solution of Edge analytics and pervasive computing.
PR contact: Eric Liang [[email protected]]